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Serve Students, Not Paper

How to stop getting bogged down in paperwork processes and get back to your mission serving kids.

With schools and school districts under budget pressures and performance expectations like never before, educators and administrators are one mundane process away from burning out. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Join this DocuSign webcast and learn how schools can put these manual process on autopilot in a secure way and get back to serving students.

The Fast Path to Cloud – VMC on AWS for Higher Education

On-demand compute, storage, and database services help Higher Education IT teams build secure environments for mission-critical applications, freeing them to focus on student success. Your IT teams can scale services to meet peak usage times, including enrollment or graduation events.

How K-12 Schools Can Engage Families, Donors, and Staff on a Single Platform

Don’t leave volunteer, dollars, or staff efficiencies on the table! More deeply engage all the stakeholders that matter to your school or district. Denver Public Schools, Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep, and KIPP show you how.

Reinventing the Traditional Classroom — Hear from Fellow Educators

In this one-hour webcast, Dr. Lance Ford, a Cisco educational technology advocate and educator, will discuss the ways collaboration technologies are helping schools, colleges, and universities—regardless of their size—empower more agile teaching and learning, extend access, and improve student outcomes.

The Mighty Pen: Increasing Student Engagement in K-12 Schools

Dr. Michelle Zimmerman, Director of Innovative Teaching and Learning Sciences from Renton Prep and a Microsoft Innovative Education Expert, will explore this topic and share advice on how to integrate pen-based learning into your district.

Driving Impact with Google in the Classroom: Chagrin Falls EVS

Interested in learning how to help ensure your education technology rollout is a success? Curious about the impact you can have using Google for Education tools in the classroom?